• Alexis Wood

Alexis Wood

“I volunteered for STAT because I wanted to be a part of an organization on campus that would not only make me feel welcome, but make others feel welcome as well, and that would get the whole Ursinus community involved to help foster the Ursinus family and environment.”

Why I volunteer for STAT: I volunteer for STAT because I want to become more involved in the Ursinus community! I love how we are like a family here, and how everyone on campus is involved in something. I want to help foster and build that sense of community, and to help connect the alum with those currently on campus. I want everyone to feel connected as a part of Ursinus, and I want to help make those who are no longer on campus feel like they never left. I also want to work together with the others in STAT to make Ursinus an even better and evolving place to be, and a place that will leave an impact on everyone who comes across it.


Favorite UC Memory: One of my favorite UC memories is sitting outside on one of the warmer days with my best friends and hanging out and doing homework together.


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