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Jenna Garo


My name is Jenna Garo and I  interned at the Multiple Sclerosis Society this past summer. This opportunity allowed me to work first-hand with a non-profit organization, learn more about the disease itself, diagnosis, and research. I also learned multiple skills on how to accommodate patients and the role neurologists play in a person with Multiple Sclerosis in their life.

What Was Valuable About the Experience

The most valuable part of my experience was the opportunity to work with multiple different departments if I wanted to. I was primarily in community outreach and worked with patients, however I was given the opportunity to learn everything about the National Multiple Sclerosis Society from volunteer work to graphic design. I quickly realized that not one department was more important than another. The way they all worked together and were so passionate about the same cause was so inspiring.  I was able to work on my interpersonal and analysis skills when interacting with patients. I also  learned about multiple different resources that are available in the health field for patients suffering with diseases.

The Coolest Part of the Experience

The coolest part of my experience was on one of the community outreach days I put together for all the self-help leaders in the society to gather and discuss upcoming events and news in the organization. Self-help leaders are people in the community with M.S  who lead therapy-like sessions for other people or family with M.S. I met a man who worked researching M.S for over 25 years. For some reason his story was so inspiring to me. He started research before he was diagnosed and after his diagnosis it inspired him to keep working. I loved hearing how much the Multiple Sclerosis Society has helped improve his standard of living. He said without the aid of the organization helping him plan and get to physical therapy, doctors appointments, etc. he wouldn’t have been able to continue working for as long as he did.

Who I Met that Made a Difference

The person that made the biggest difference to me was my site supervisor Pat Thieringer. Not only did she show me everything there is to be working with a non-profit organization, she also taught me so much about professionalism. She always encouraged me to ask questions and speak my voice.




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