Health Sciences

Alycia Hildebrand
Alycia Hildebrand

Alycia Hildebrand ’18

Lab Manager and Animal Surgeon

Alycia graduated in 2018, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics and minor in biology.  Conducting research at the SkM lab with Dr. April Carpenter of the Health and Exercise Physiology Department was very instrumental in her Ursinus journey and beyond. 


The Elrod Laboratory at Temple University Center for Translational Medicine


Involvement in Activities:

  • Member of the Ursinus College Women’s Lacrosse Team (2014-2018, Team Captain for the 2018 season)
  • Circulation Desk Assistant in Myrin Library
  • Undergraduate Student Researcher SkM Laboratory with Dr. April Carpenter

Impact of Ursinus

I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and minored in biology. For my biology courses to acquire my minor, I took Anatomy and Physiology I and II with Dr. Carpenter during my junior year. In the beginning of my senior year, I had the opportunity to join Dr. C’s SkM lab. During that first semester, I loved doing research and decided I wanted to pursue this as a career. Dr. C taught me numerous laboratory techniques that provided me with the skill set to seek a career in the research field, she truly went above and beyond to teach me and spent so many extra hours in the lab so I felt confident in my new skill set. Through her network in the scientific research field, Dr. C connected me with Dr. John Elrod to become the small animal surgeon for his laboratory at Temple University School of Medicine, which studies the molecular mechanisms of heart failure and neurodegeneration diseases. Since joining the Elrod Lab in 2018, I have mastered many small animal survival surgical techniques as well as transitioning into a more administrative role with managing the large murine colony as well as daily operations of the lab. Before the opportunity I had with Dr. Carpenter I would have never thought that this would have been a career choice, and I am forever grateful for her to have helped me discover the career I have today. The opportunities Ursinus provides its students are endless and it makes me proud to be a bear for life.

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