Health Sciences

Caitlin O'Neill
Caitlin O’Neill

Caitlin O’Neill ’21

Doctor of Physical Therapy Program, Northeastern University

I am currently enrolled in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at Northeastern University in Boston, Mass where I am studying to become a physical therapist.

Impact of Ursinus

The structure of the HEP classes that I took at Ursinus College prepared me for the rigor of my doctoral program. Classes such as anatomy and physiology, kinesiology, and exercise physiology gave me a firm baseline, which made for a smoother transition into the DPT program. Additionally, I was a research assistant in the Heart and Muscle Metabolism lab for 3 years at Ursinus, which further challenged me and helped refine my critical thinking skills. The information I learned while being in the lab has prepared me for the research and evidence-based practice courses that I am taking currently in my program. I had the opportunity to conduct an honors research project for my senior year capstone requirement, which allowed me to gain some hands-on experiences and prepare me for the labs that I am taking in my program. The faculty in the Health and Exercise Physiology department have always been supportive and attentive in class and throughout my application process to graduate school. My research mentor and HEP department advisor Dr. Kolwicz, helped me channel my interest in the health science field and navigate my path to DPT school.