Career and Post-Graduate Development

  • Giannina Flamiano

Giannina Flamiano

Internship Location: Comcast Corporation, Philadelphia, PA


Computer Science


Math and Spanish

My Story

Over the summer, Giannina spent her time interning with Comcast in the Web Development branch. She was able to locate this internship through a connection at her part-time job that was able to help her get involved with Comcast. “A typical day begins with Standup meetings in the morning, where we discuss what was completed the prior day as well as what we hope to accomplish in the day ahead.”

Academic Connection

“There were three courses at Ursinus that had a direct impact on my internship. In CS275, CS476, and CS471 I was exposed to various methods and coding languages that I then was able to work with this summer”. Giannina states that she was able to find her passion for front-end development as it was the main focus of her internship.


Similar to many other students that had internships this past summer, Giannina recognizes communication skills as the most beneficial attribute in aiding her success this summer. “A lot of my programming over the summer was with the help of my mentor. Communicating where I had difficulties helped me understand the application more and it also helped me find new ways to debug”, Giannina said.


Before the internship, Giannina had no idea what she wanted to do after graduation. She now knows exactly what she wants to do: Web development. “Finding a healthy work-life balance was challenging. Working 40+ hours a week was very tiring and made it difficult to make time for the things I used to make time for prior”.

Fun Fact

Some fun facts about Giannina are that her favorite ice cream flavor is Mint Chocolate Chip. Outside of education she loves baking and would love to open a Filipino desert style bakery outside of Philadelphia!

Written by Christian Maienshein ’22