Career and Post-Graduate Development

  • Jake Herbetko

Jake Herbetko

Internship Location: The Borgen Project, Tacoma, WA




Creative Writing

My Story

In the summer of 2021, Jake spent his time interning with The Borgen Project in Seattle, WA. During this internship, Jake wrote articles and did research about extreme poverty across the world. He even had the chance to reach out to local government leaders, friends, and family to help fundraise money.

Academic Connection

Jake recognizes his experience as an English major and how it helped him excel during his internship. “As an English major I felt more than prepared to produce quality articles each week and had very little trouble reaching out to strangers” Jake said. The internship also helped Jake grow as a public speaker.


Similar to many other interns, Jake stated that communication was without a doubt the most important skill to have for his internship. “The internship helped me learn how to properly reach out to those around me for help when needed” Jake exclaimed. He also acknowledged the fact that not much gets done with a lack of proper communication.


This internship was especially beneficial in helping Jake understand what he does and doesn’t want to do after graduation. “The coolest part of my experience was being able to see finished articles that I published on the website for all to see” Jake commented. He also noted that he enjoyed the articles staying online for years to come.

Fun Fact

“Dungeons and Dragons is fun” Jake said.

Written by Christian Maienshein ’22