Bri Lambright


History and Anthropology


Art History


Games Club, Japan Club, Outdoors Club, Drawing/Painting, Writing, D&D, and General Tomfoolery.

Most Memorable Moment in Class

For me, I’d say my best experience was in Dr. Chao’s Japanese history course. Her class really helped me to develop a historical lens that falls outside of my Western upbringing. It has allowed me to engage more thoroughly with histories that don’t fall inside the typical Eurocentric narrative of history I’ve been exposed to up until then.

My Experience

What I like most about my history major is all the wonderful opportunities I get when it comes to studying the world and forming connections with people long since passed. I’ve always loved history so becoming a history major seemed like the next logical step in my obsession with the field.

What will I do?

I hope to one day work in one of the world’s top museums and continue my work of connecting people with their pasts. On a more silly and less practical side, I would love to one day travel the world as an archeologist (utilizing my Anthropology degree), uncovering the forgotten past and shedding light on ages long forgotten from human consciousness.