College Communications

  • Tommy Armstrong

Tommy Carroll Armstrong

Tommy creates video and editorial packages for the college’s social media, news hub, and key publications. He pulls on the exemplary talents and passions of students, staff, and faculty to tell the Ursinus story with compelling video features about a small school with an enormous impact.


Tommy began producing professional video for major companies in 2015 at Quattro Direct, servicing clients like Ditech Home Loans and Evergreen Health. Around the same time, he was writing articles for Philly, a tech-based Philly publication whom he met after sneaking into an Ursinus journalism panel his junior year in high school at Perkiomen Valley. In school, he wrote daily for a satirical newspaper he printed and sold to faculty and students.

In 2016, he enrolled at Ursinus College, where he studied English and created films in his free time, supporting his filmmaking through freelance contract work with organizations like HESAA (New Jersey Higher Education Student Assistance Authority) and ELAP Health Services, and through the U-Imagine Center’s Bear Innovation Competition sponsored by Will Abele ’61. Tommy was fortunate enough to win funds from the competition during three separate years, which paid for the equipment you’ll see him lugging around campus.

At Ursinus, he studied screenwriting and filmmaking in Prague at FAMU (The Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts), premiered features on big screens across campus and at the Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville, and acted in lots of plays in the Kaleidoscope, where he also produced video for two of Prof. Domenick Scudera’s productions. After graduating, he produced a five-part film version of Scudera’s Poe on Poe, a play about Edgar Allen Poe’s margin notes.

Since 2018, he has produced and released a new comedy film every week on his Youtube, Instagram, and now Tik Tok, where his audience has boomed. Meanwhile, he’s collected his resources to produce bigger projects, like a TV Pilot for an original series, “The Artist Formerly Known as Lucifer,” which won awards and selections from festivals around the globe. 

In 2020, Tommy won a Watson Fellowship, a one-year grant program for recent graduates to travel the world for a year focussing on a passion project. Ursinus is one of the several colleges that can nominate four students every year. His project examines the relationship between comedy and depression, and he plans to depart by July 2023.