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William Cottone

What I Love about Writing

The way writing can shape how one thinks fascinates me. Linguistic relativity suggests that our world view is shaped by the grammatical structure we use, and so writing would be our attempt to provide others a glimpse into how we see the world.




International Relations

Most Memorable Moment in Class

One of my more memorable moments in class was one of my first classes at Ursinus. I was in Constitutional Law with Professor Fitzpatrick, who is known to be a bit old school. I was very nervous, and trying to make a good impression, and when I made a comment in class, he made the effort to compliment me on what I said. Although it was just a small gesture, it meant a lot to me.

My Experience

Over the summer of 2021 I was able to work with Professor Stern and Professor Goodman in their seminar on Citizenship, Freedom, and Equality. I performed my role as a writing fellow for high school students, who were the ones participating in the seminar, and it was great experience getting to know the kids and help them with their writing.

Fun Fact

A fun fact about me is that all my names have seven letters in them. This is also something a share with my dad, who also has three seven letter names.