Health Sciences

  • Michela Coleman

Michela Coleman ’21

Combat Medic

I always knew I wanted to go into medicine and the HEP department gave me a strong foundation for that dream.


Health and Exercise Physiology


Army Reserves


After graduation, I initially worked at Phoenixville Hospital Acute Rehabilitation as a Nurse Assistant. As of January of 2022, I will be in the Army Reserve as a Combat Medic (68W), which is also known as a Health Specialist. With the help of my college education, I tested high enough in the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test to qualify me for the job and the ranking of Specialist (E-4). As a combat medic in the reserves I will go through several months of training in Emergency Medical Care, patient care, as well as the instruction and training of others.

While attending Ursinus I was involved in Greek life (Tau Sigma Gamma) and student research. My Health and Exercise Physiology classes truly prepared me most for my current job and my time that I will be serving as a Combat Medic. In my current job, knowing histology has been greatly helpful. We deal with patients in bed for majority of their time in the hospital, unfortunately pressure wounds can develop, these are wounds that can be superficial or deep in the skin. Recognizing the depth of the wound in the skin is key in determining what level pressure wound it is and therefore the dressing needed for it. Similarly, when treating a wound as a combat medic, it will be crucial to know the depth of a wound or the major veins and arteries in the area that are compromised in order to provide the emergency medical care that the personnel will need. As a combat medic I will be the first one on scene to help give emergency care to a soldier in highly intense situations.

Impact of Ursinus

I am very excited for my journey to come and have my professors to thank for dedicating their time and energy to talk with me during their office hours to further discuss material. Last but not least… HOOAH!