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Kelsey Gavin

There is Sometimes a Buggy

Project Description

For my honors thesis project and body of work for the ASE 2022, I will be painting stills from David Lynch’s movie Mulholland Drive, sourcing from a singular four-minute scene referred to as The Cowboy scene. I will be painting frame by frame, which will also culminate in a stop motion animation recreation of this scene in a similar vein to Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman’s Loving Vincent. This project will examine and tie into the overall theme I have been exploring in my studio practice over the course of the past several years about how film and painting intertwine. For the ASE it will manifest as a series of prints pulled from the digital paintings I make, as well as a short four-minute video piece recreating the scene as I have described above.


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Faculty Advisor

David Aipperspach