Business and Economics

Gabriel Gordon

This summer I worked at Wheels Up. This is a private aviation company like no-other. With a brand new business model and structure, they are disrupting the private aviation market. The owner of this company, Kenny Dichter, previously started a private aviation company, Marquis Jet, in 2001. Marquis Jet was sold in 2010 to Net Jets, which is owned by Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway. Watching Kenny work helped me understand the management and motivation needed to lead a company. During this internship I was exposed to the many facets that work together to make Wheels Up so successful such as events, partnerships, sales, operations and finance. Each department has a vital role to the company, and as an intern I aided these departments with many projects. With other interns, our group was given a task to create a marketing campaign for Wheels Up, which we presented to the Executive Board. 

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Business and Economics

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Wheels Up


 My experience at Wheels Up couldn’t have been better. I learned so much from each department, with each department head teaching us. It really helped me understand all the pieces of a successful company. This opportunity really opened my eyes to a new kind of business, a disruptive but innovative company. It was such a wonderful and educational experience that I hope all other students can experience as well.


 A word of advice to all other students would be to ask questions and always have a notebook to write everything down. It’s all about networking and experiences.