Career and Post-Graduate Development

  • Emelyn Rodriguez

Emelyn Rodriguez

Internship Location: Judge Stephanie Sawyer, Philadelphia, PA




Legal Studies

My Story

Emelyn spent the majority of her Winter by interning with the Chambers of Judge Stephanie Sawyer, located in Philadelphia, PA. A typical day consisted of “actively listening in to court cases to identify the needs of our defendants”. Other responsibilities consisted of researching non-profits and other organizations to meet the needs of their defendants.

Academic Connection

“The most beneficial classes in understanding how the procedures worked in a courtroom were Moot Court and Legal Studies. Without these classes I would’ve had a much more difficult time trying to understand exactly what was going on” Emelyn says. She also informed me that this internship has taught her that she wants to pursue a career as a criminal defense attorney after Ursinus.


Emelyn listed critical thinking as one of the skills that was necessary for success within her internship. She tells us that “Being able to make a decision on your feet is necessary for being a lawyer, along with the ability to give concrete and logical answers”. Another important skill for this internship was communication. “If lawyers are not effectively communicating on their turns to present cases, there will be a delay in the court.” Emelyn says.


This internship was beneficial in helping Emelyn confirm that working in law really is her passion and dream job. There were some challenges, especially in commuting to Philadelphia every morning, but this proved to be rewarding as the ride home was the perfect time to reflect on everything that was accomplished that day. Emelyn says that “the coolest part of my experience were the court days. Being able to have that experience behind the scenes and getting the first hand experience of a courtroom was amazing”.

Fun Fact

Emelyn’s fun fact is that she was born in the Dominican Republic and lived there until she was three years old!

Written by Christian Maienshein ’22