• Life After Ursinus podcast with Kendal Conrad

Episode 11: Singing, Storytelling, & Stardom

In this episode of the Life After Ursinus podcast, host Johnny Myers ’19 chats with singer, actor, published writer, and award-winning songwriter, Kendal Conrad ’14. We get to know Kendal’s unique style of songwriting, what it’s like being a full-time musician, and how her career has blossomed post-Ursinus.

About this Episode

  • Kendal speaks about her journey to music from a young age and the inspiration she gets from other female musicians.
  • Kendal shares about what it’s like performing for 18,000 people and working with well known musicians such as Blake Shelton.
  • Kendal talks about her social media following and what it’s like engaging with fans on social media versus real life.
  • Kendal describes how the pandemic affected her career and her plans moving forward.
  • Kendal explains how she benefited from her English & Theater degrees from UC.
  • Bonus: Kendal plays her song “Better On” live at the end of the episode! 

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