Career and Post-Graduate Development

  • Jesse Wun

Jesse Wun

Externship Location: Thomas Jefferson University Hospital


Biochemistry & Molecular Biology


Mandarin Chinese

My Experience

Jesse was an extern at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. The majority of Jesse’s externship was focused on shadowing a radiologist and learning their day to day functions. “I was able to shadow radiologists performing procedures on bone marrow. I also learned how they read CT scans and what to look for in such images” Jesse said. He also stated that he was fascinated by the work of musculoskeletal radiology, looking at CT scans, MRIs and ultrasounds.

Academic Connection

One key academic connection that Jesse was able to make during this internship came from labs that he’s taken in the past at Ursinus. “The first person experience of being there for an exam reading or operation was a very rewarding feeling”. With COVID delaying any previous opportunities to land any shadowing positions, Jesse was thankful of his experience and is glad that he could gain more experience and knowledge about the position.


This externship helped solidify Jesse’s decision to pursue medical school after Ursinus. While there wasn’t much skepticism beforehand, Jesse stated that after this experience he knows it’s what he wants to be doing one day. While Jesse is no longer in contact with the sponsor of his externship, he said that he was referred to an outpatient setting that he was also able to shadow.

Written by Christian Maienshein ’22