Career and Post-Graduate Development

Ben Henwood
Ben Henwood

Ben Henwood

Externship Location: SEI, Oaks, PA


Applied Economics

My Experience

As an extern for SEI in their Oaks, PA office, Ben was able to remotely experience a professional development and networking workshop. Aside from this workshop, Ben was also able to work cooperatively and develop new affinity groups for SEI in a case study. After completing the case study, Ben shared his work with current SEI employees as well as other externs. Ben stated that he “enjoyed being able to connect with other students and learn more from SEI’s professional staff!”.

Academic Connection

“This externship experience made me realize that I would like to focus on applying the information in the courses I learned instead of just taking the information and attempting to memorize it.” Majoring in economics has led Ben to take courses in different economic fields over the course of his time here at Ursinus.


Through this externship, Ben gained valuable experience that has helped him decide what career he’d like to pursue after Ursinus. “I’m looking to have a career in private equity or being a financial analyst,” Ben said. Ben also felt rewarded through this extern process and stated that “the greatest rewards for me were learning soft skills and professional skills at the same time”.

Written by Christian Maienshein ’22