Research and Creative Projects

  • Seongchan Kim ’23

Seongchan Kim ‘23

Green Plane

The Research

Green Plane is an idea to equip the commercial aircrafts with Passive Air Capture technology to capture and reuse the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The carbon dioxide could be captured simultaneously as an aircraft flies through horizon, and the captured carbon dioxide can be turned into synthetic fuel through an energy-free method called Artificial Photosynthesis.

The Impact

The research, development, and application of this idea will take great time, money, and efforts. Therefore, as an undergraduate student, the direct goal of this project is to propose the idea to related institutions so that the idea could be available and be developed when it is critically needed.

The Takeaway

This idea has been stuck in my mind since I was in middle school. The very first plan for this idea had similar approach to the goal but was unrealistic. With more researches, I was able to build more realistic and applicable concept of the idea to capture the carbon dioxide from the sky. I learned how to trouble shoot and how to deal with impossibilities to bring an idea into reality. I also learned the power of individual research throughout the project. And all these learnings are priceless as I will use these skills in the future to develop more ideas of mine.