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Alana Huynh
Alana Huynh

Alana Vy Huynh

Die Funktion von der Natur in ein paar berühmten Märchen von den Brüdern Grimm und in einigen Werken von Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Project Description

Three well-known authors from late 18th and early 19tfr-century Germany are the Brothers Grimm and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. The Brothers Grimm are known for their collection of fairy tales, while Goethe is known for three fairy tales, four novels, plays, and poetry. However, both have clear and distinct views of nature. The works by these authors use natural elements in both negative and positive ways,
typically as a way to contrast the natural and human worlds. This project aims to compare the uses of nature in the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm, and in “Novelle,” a late masterwork by Goethe, three authors of the same time period.


Modern Languages

Faculty Advisor

Robin Clouser