Kristin Cichowski Kratzer
Kristin Cichowski Kratzer

Kristin Cichowski Kratzer

Theatre Specialist at the Arts Academy Elementary Charter School in Allentown PA.

I have worked for seven years as a Theatre specialist for Kindergarten, 2nd grade, and 4th grade at the Arts Academy Elementary Charter School in Allentown Pennsylvania. I am one of two Theatre teachers at the school responsible for writing a curriculum that is grounded in the PA state standards as well as the National Arts Standards. If you were to visit my classroom on any typical day, you might witness students engaging in improvisational games based on character exploration and/or preparing for formal showcase performances. In addition to my regular teaching schedule, I serve as the director of our annual spring musical with 4th and 5th grade students and am responsible for creating the morning announcements that get broadcast to the student body and staff!

The Education Department at Ursinus prepared me for my current position by arming me with the tools to be effective for classroom management, in addition to thinking critically about the injustices and inequities of our current educational system. The department not only provided a path for future educators like myself to become confident in the practical application of teaching, but to fully understand its philosophical, humanitarian, social, and emotional impact. It is this humanitarian and emotional component that drives me every day (even on the more difficult days—and Lord knows all teachers have them) to share in the magic of Theatre with its most willing and able participants— young children.




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