• Autumn Murphy

Autumn Murphy

Spring-Ford Area School District’s 8th Grade Center

I work at the Spring-Ford Area School District’s 8th grade center. I am a French teacher to 8th grade students. I am the only French teacher at the 8th grade center and I teach French I so I am lucky enough to be introducing these students to this language that I love!

The education department at Ursinus was one of the big reasons why I loved the college so much. From the very start of my time there—before I was officially even an Ursinus student—the education professors made it clear that they cared about what we students cared about. My classes helped me reflect on bigger questions in education, why I wanted to become a teacher, and how I could make teaching so much more than a “job”— to make it a rewarding and meaningful career. The education department taught me how to teach in a way that regards my students highly and as persons of their own, and at the same time how to teach in a way that regards myself highly. Far beyond simply discussing how to teach, we discussed morals and injustices in the education system, and this has helped me to become a teacher who thinks critically about what happens in my classroom. I am open to and enthusiastic about change, improvement, and lifelong learning because of Ursinus’s awesome education department!


French & Educational Studies