Theater and Dance

  • Alexa Alessandrini

Alexa Alessandrini




Dance, Psychology


Tau Sigma Gamma, Students Today Alumni Tomorrow (STAT), UCDC, Dance Team, Escape Velocity, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship


I’m Alexa, a member of the class of 2024! I’ve lived in the area for the majority of my life and grew up dancing at The Dance Depot, the nearby dance studio. I’m a Biology major with minors in Dance and Psychology. On campus, I’m a Corresponding Secretary and Community Service Chair for Tau Sigma Gamma, Secretary and Director of Communications for STAT, and a team member on the Dance Team. I’ve also been a part of UCDC and Escape Velocity as both a dancer and tech crew member.

Why did you decide to minor in Dance at Ursinus College? 

I chose a minor in Dance so that I could keep doing what I love while also focusing on my studies as a Biology major. I also chose Dance as a minor so that I could pursue my interest in Psychology, too. I’ve been a dancer for over 15 years and didn’t want to give it up!

My Experience

Dancer: UCDC Fall ’20, Spring/Fall ’21.

Escape Velocity Spring ’21.

Dance Team Fall ’20, Spring/Fall ’21, Spring ’22.

Tech crew: Escape Velocity Fall ’21, Spring ’22. UCDC Spring ’22

Life After Ursinus

I’m still deciding what I would like to do after I graduate, but I know I would like to go to graduate school. I have many interests, including microbiology, conservation ecology, and genetics, to name a few, and am meeting with professors and CPD to help me figure out what I’m interested in and what I want to do.

Fun Fact

I’m a twin!