Theater and Dance

  • Emily Bradigan

Emily Bradigan

Hello, my name is Emily, although everyone calls me EB, and my heart lies within the arts. Whether it’s theatre, fine arts, poetry, music; you name it and I guarantee it holds a special spot in my heart. I have a true passion for theatre, however, as it’s what usually consumes my every waking moment (in the best way of course). However, when I’m not in the theater, you can usually find me painting or crafting everything under the sun or off on my rollerskates!

Why did you choose to major in Theater at Ursinus College?

Well, I started off as a regular theater major when I first got to Ursinus, but I’m now a Theatrical Design SIM (self initiated major). Something that’s so wonderful about theatre at Ursinus is the way that they’ve allowed students like myself to create a major that’s allowing me to pursue my passion of theatrical design!


Theatrical Design and Technology, English


Vice President and Secretary of Delta Pi Sigma

Secretary for B’Naturals A Capella group

Secretary of Breakaway Student Productions

My Experience

Paula Vogel’s The Oldest Profession - Ursula

Pride and Prejudice - Lizzy Bennet

Kissing the Witch - Sea Witch

Radio Plays - Tabs

9 to 5 - Kathy/Ensemble

Rumors - Claire

Scenic Designer for the Paula Vogel Concert Readings

Assistant Scenic for Pride and Prejudice

I also work as a Production Tech Assistant in the Scene Shop

Life After Ursinus

I want to go into scenic design, either as a scenic designer or anything to do with the field of scenic design in theatre. It is a true passion of mine and to pursue it in the future would be a dream.

Fun Fact

You can usually spot me a mile away just by my hair :)