Theater and Dance

  • Kate Foley

Kate Isabel Foley

I’m a senior double majoring in English and Theater and double minoring in Creative Writing and Gender, Women’s, and Sexuality Studies. When I’m not in class, I can usually be found onstage or backstage in the Kaleidoscope, rehearsing for the next theatrical production. I love to write novels, poetry, and plays. My upcoming Summer Fellows project is an original modernized, genderbent, queer, theatrical adaptation of Pride and Prejudice that will bring bisexual representation to the stage. Some other things I enjoy are dogs, Taylor Swift songs, the color yellow, sushi, and plaid flannels.

Why did you choose to major in Theater at Ursinus College?

I already knew I wanted to major in Theater when I decided to attend Ursinus, but the fact that the close-knit community of professors and students felt like a second family on campus made me even more excited to be a Theater major here. I love walking into the Kaleidoscope and knowing every single person I pass. There are so many opportunities to get involved with theatre at Ursinus, not just onstage, but also as a crew member, designer, dramaturg, director, playwright, and so on.


English and Theater


Creative Writing and Gender, Women’s, and Sexuality Studies


Breakaway Student Productions (President)

Alpha Delta Phi Society (Chaplain)

The Lantern (Copyeditor)

Writing Fellow

Abele Scholar

My Experience

The Complete History of Ursinus (Abridged) - Ensemble

9 to 5 - Missy Hart, Ensemble

The Company of Wolves/Puss in Boots - Dramaturg

Pride and Prejudice - Mary Bennet

The Oldest Profession - Edna

Ursinus College Dance Concert (2022) - Assistant Stage Manager

Life After Ursinus

I hope to continue with acting and playwriting in the future, in some form, and would also like to pursue a Master’s Degree.

Fun Fact

I have two adorable dogs named Scout and Eponine “Penny” Pinot.