• Life After Ursinus Podcast New Episode 12

Episode 12: Pioneering Tech & Transparency

In Episode 12 of the Life After Ursinus podcast, host Johnny Myers ’19 sits down with Cynthia Fisher ’83, life sciences entrepreneur, independent investor, and corporate board director. She is the founder and CEO of ViaCord, Inc., a leading umbilical cord blood stem cell banking service which she started in 1993. In 2000, she co-founded and was president of the cellular medicines company, ViaCell, Inc. (VIAC). Cynthia also is the founder and chairman of, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization focused on ushering in systemwide healthcare price transparency. In this episode, Cynthia discusses her journey from Ursinus to her career in changing lives.

About this Episode

  • Cynthia dives into her journey founding her company, ViaCord.
  • Cynthia explains how her Ursinus education and fellow classmates and professors helped her achieve her goals and how she uses the lessons she learned at Ursinus with her employees.
  • Cynthia provides tips and advice for the adventure of business and entrepreneurship.
  • Cynthia talks about the difference advising on the boards of both for-profits and non-profits.
  • Cynthia explains her work in founding Patient Rights, an organization that focuses on advocating for transparent hospital pricing.

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