Parlee Center for Science and the Common Good

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Aubrey Paris

CSCG Fellow

I have always been interested in the complexities associated with communicating scientific discoveries to both policymakers and the general public, and I firmly believe that scientific advances lose some of their significance if they cannot be effectively communicated to non-scientific audiences. My tenure as a CSCG Fellow allowed me to explore the science communication gap, particularly as it pertains to the divide between scientists and policymakers. Because of these interests, I will continue my scientific pursuit of alternative energy strategies in a chemistry PhD program after graduating from Ursinus, but I intend to utilize this scientific expertise to influence energy-focused science policy in the future.

My Major / Minor / Campus Organizations

Majors in Biology and Chemisty / Minor in French / Chemistry Teaching Assistant and Supplemental Instructor, Admissions Senior Fellow

My Favorite CSCG Events

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My Research

As an Amgen Scholar at the University of California, Berkeley, during the summer of 2014, I worked in the lab of Christopher Chang synthesizing covalent organic frameworks and optimizing their electrolysis conditions for carbon dioxide reduction. I have since been able to apply this research experience to my work in the inorganic chemistry lab of Brian Pfennig here at Ursinus, and for my Honors research I have instituted a novel project developing iron-pyrazine complexes and analyzing them for electro- and photocatalytic carbon dioxide reduction capabilities. Implications of this work span clean air applications and alternative energy strategies.

My CSCG Courses

POL-399 (Science and the Common Good); PHIL-246 (Biomedical Ethics), PHIL-248 (Environmental Ethics); POL-330 (American Political Thought); SOC-295 (Sociology of Medicine); BIO-350 (Pandemics and Preparedness; BIO-350 (American Food Supply)

My CSCG Civic Internship

Business Development, Programming, & Communications Intern, BioNJ, Trenton, NJ.

My second (and third) CSCG Civic Internships

As a CSCG intern for the Institute on Science for Global Policy in 2013, I helped organize the ISGP Conference on Food and Water, held at the University of Nebraska, October 20–23, 2013.

The next year, I was hired as a Fellow by the ISGP to help organize the ISGP Conference on Food Safety and the Environment, at Cornell University, October 5-8, 2014. Since then, I have participated in the ISGP Food and Water Debates at the 2014 Sigma Xi Annual Meeting in Glendale, Arizona, and continue to be involved in planning ISGP conferences. As a Fellow of the Institute, I have had the opportunity to interview international scientists and policymakers, participate in high-profile debates of pertinent scientific issues, and moderate an international debate on genetically-modified organisms.

Life After Ursinus

I am pursuing a Chemistry Ph.D. at Princeton University in the lab of Dr. Andrew Bocarsly. My research involves transformation of carbon dioxide into alternative, useful compounds. I continue to work as a Senior Fellow of the ISGP and as Co-Founder of Globalized Ethics for Medical Science (GEMS), LLC. I intend to pursue a career in alternative energy-based science policy.