Office of Disability and Access

  • Maxie the Therapy Dog 

Maxie Timmerman

Maxie serves primarily as Joanna’s support animal – he assists Joanna in mood regulation and decompression and alleviates impacts from mental health disorders. Joanna is happy to discuss any questions related to the work that Maxie does, and you’re welcome to check out our “dogs on campus” presentation here.

Maxie’s second job / side hustle is that of certified therapy dog. Maxie is trained to serve folx who need a little puppy love in a variety of settings, including colleges, hospitals, senior living facilities, shelters for those experiencing houselessness, and locations of crises or natural disaster. Learn more about the benefits of therapy dogs here or read this research article about therapy dogs on college campuses.


Maxie was adopted by Joanna (Assistant Director of Disability and Access) in May of 2021. After passing training courses at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced level, Maxie earned his certification as a Canine Good Citizen in October of 2021. And, less than a year after his adoption, Maxie earned his Therapy Dog certification with Comfort Caring Canines in May of 2022.