Brokering Space & Success Featuring Vinny DiMeglio
Brokering Space & Success Featuring Vinny DiMeglio

Episode 13: Brokering Space & Success

In Episode 13 of the Life After Ursinus podcast, host Johnny Myers ’19 sits down with Vinny DiMeglio ’09, a corporate real estate broker and investment salesman. Vinny helps real estate owners find tenants, buy and sell buildings, and runs his own business through JLL. In this episode, Vinny discusses the ins and outs of commercial real estate trends including how outfitting office space affects employees, why big companies are moving their headquarters, and how he leverages social media to create new opportunities for himself. Vinny emphasizes how his experience at Ursinus laid the foundation for his success and shares tips with the audience from his own personal journey.

About this Episode

  • Vinny dives into how the pandemic transformed the conversations around office spaces.
  • Vinny talks about his thoughts on outfitting office spaces to accommodate the mental and physical wellbeing of employees.
  • Vinny discusses the multitude of reasons many companies have been moving their office space to different states and what the differing strategies are depending on the company’s goals.
  • Vinny examines what WeWork and other office sharing space companies mean for his business.
  • Vinny tells us how he leverages social media strategy to grow his business and how everyone can use social media to create new opportunities for themselves.
  • Vinny shares what his vision is for the future of the commercial real estate industry.
  • Vinny about his transformative Ursinus experience giving tours, studying abroad, and being involved in Greek life and athletics.

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