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Emelyn Rodriguez
Emelyn Rodriguez

Emelyn Rodriguez




Legal Studies

My Experience

I spent the majority of my winter interning with the Chambers of Judge Stephanie Sawyer, located in Philadelphia, PA. I attended court, identified defendants’ hurdles, and worked to build a support system of sorts. I would contact around 15 nonprofits each week in hopes of identifying ones that will work with defendants. Out of every 15, I contacted; I would find approximately two that are willing to help— I then organized and hosted meetings between the judge and the staff at the nonprofit. I also sought out employers open to hiring people with a criminal record, and facilities open to providing childcare.

Most Valuable Part of the Experience

This internship was beneficial in helping me confirm that working in law is my passion and dream job. The coolest part of my experience was the court days. Being able to have that experience behind the scenes and getting the first-hand experience of a courtroom was amazing.

Most Challenging Part of the Experience

There were some challenges, especially in commuting to Philadelphia every morning, but this proved to be rewarding as the ride home was the perfect time to reflect on everything that was accomplished that day.