Anthropology and Sociology

  • Photo of ruins in Athens, Greece

Amanda Ernst

I went to Athens, Greece for a semester.  I lived in the Pangrati neighborhood about a ten minute walk from Parliament. I saw what was occurring within Greece during such a politically turbulent time.  I learned a lot about myself and what it is like to live in another country with a different language.


Amanda Ernst’s semester in Greece gave her a first-hand look at historical archaeological sites and enabled her to witness living history during politically turbulent times.


Anthropology and Religious Studies

My Experience

The experience was valuable for a variety of reasons.  The most valuable was probably learning how to live on my own.  I had to learn to budget money and cook for myself.  Grocery shopping in a country where no employees speak English and you do not speak their language is definitely a challenge but very rewarding.  Another valuable part of the experience was being able to see so many archaeological sites in person, for example the Parthenon.  The last most valuable detail about my time abroad is that I really learned to appreciate the little things back home such as being able to flush toilet paper and being able to go to the grocery store on Sundays.

The Coolest Part of the Experience

The coolest part of my experience was being able to see the Parthenon as well as being able to go to Delphi while in Greece.  It was amazing to see so much history in person!

Who I Met that Made a Difference

One of the professors I had for a religion class really had an impact on me.  I still keep in touch with her about what is happening in Greece and the world of religious studies.  It was and still is interesting talking to her about religion and the world.