Modern Languages

  • Marta

Marta Jiménez Domínguez

Hello! My name is Marta, I come from Spain and I’m the new Spanish TA for the 2022-23 academic year.
Contextualizing my interest in Anglo-Saxon and American culture, studying my Bachelor’s Degree in English Studies has given me the opportunity to delve into general and specific knowledge about the English language, its literature and culture with an emphasis on multilingualism and multiculturalism.

Throughout my university career, I have not been satisfied with just following the itinerary foreseen in the syllabus. Thus, I have taken care to complement it through courses, extracurricular internships, professional experiences and stays abroad.
Aware of the importance of the linguistic skills necessary for learning a language and with the purpose of improving my knowledge of the English language and culture, I completed my academic and professional training as an assistant Spanish teacher in a secondary school in the United Kingdom. This was, without a doubt, one of my most significant work experiences as I started a completely different life in another country and without any present support, facing numerous challenges that made me mature as a person and allowed me to develop skills to successfully overcome possible complicated situations in the future.

Consequently, I carried out two master studies related to the teaching of both, Spanish and English as foreign languages, which have provided me with a broad and multidisciplinary knowledge about the teaching of both languages.

This year I look forward to improve my professional skills and expand my abilities in an American educational environment through the teaching of the Spanish language. This opportunity will allow me to further enrich my experience and knowledge by fostering a cultural and educational relationship between the Spanish and American cultures.


Spanish Teaching assistant