Liv Cross
Liv Cross

Olivia (Liv) Cross

I love that history allows me to dissect the hidden corners of the past and see its lasting influence on the present. There is rarely a moment that occurs now that has not been emulated beforehand. This is especially important to me as a feminist historian, as such discoveries and analyses can motivate positive feminist change and activism.


History and Theater


GWSS and Spanish


Treasurer of Phi Alpha Theta
Involved in both Ursinus Theatre and Dance Department Productions and Breakaway Student Productions
Writing Fellow

Most Memorable Moment in Class

One of my favorite memories from class was from Dr. Throop’s Medieval Sex and Sexuality class freshman year. As we analyzed a document about a Medieval Jewish woman and her ability to find power in her marriage, I had an a-ha moment: I wanted to do this forever. I loved being able to rip apart the past; that primary source made it all click. After that, the rest is all (ironically) history!

My Experience

I was able to engage in a Summer Fellows Project during Summer 2022 that used my historian skills to map the theoretical evolution of feminism on the stage over time. It combined both of my majors as well as my GWSS minor, creating a new piece of scholarship that furthered my experience as an academic and activist.