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  • Fabian

Fabian Schmucker

Hello everyone! My name is Fabian, and I am from Regensburg, a beautiful city in the southeast of Germany. I am about to graduate from my local university with a Bavarian State Exam (equivalent to a B.A.). My majors are English Philology with focus on American culture and History with focus on the Roman Empire as well as Eastern European history of the 20th
century. Additionally, I take Educational Studies as a Minor. After graduation, I will either work as a high school teacher or pursue a master’s degree in European-American Studies.
In addition to my studies, I tutor elementary school students in all subjects and middle school students in German, English, and also some Latin.
Throughout my time at university, I have always considered it to be crucial to gain first-hand experience of the countries I study. That is why I traveled multiple times to Ireland and the UK in the context of university courses – only the USA has been missing.
For the academic year 2022-23, I am the Fulbright Teaching Assistant for German here at Ursinus. Cultural exchange and international relations are very important to me. Therefore, I am looking forward to teaching German and being a cultural ambassador of Germany while learning about the US its multifaceted culture myself.


Teaching Assistant