Business and Economics

  • Babita Srivastava

Babita Srivastava

Babita has joined the Business and Economics department at Ursinus College in the Fall 2022. She has earned her Ph.D. degree from the prestigious University of Allahabad and a postdoctoral fellowship from the William Paterson University, NJ. Babita is also certified on Sustainable Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies and US Public Policy: Social, Economic, and Foreign Policies from the Harvard Business School. Dr. Srivastava’s research focuses on resource management, energy economics and sustainability. Dr. Srivastava’s teaching interests includes microeconomics, macroeconomics, business management, business statistics. Dr. Srivastava encourages their students to apply economic principles to real-world problems.


Business and Economics


Ph.D. Business Administration/Economics, Allahabad University


  • Principles of Microeconomics
  • Intermediate Macroeconomics

William R. Waters Research Grant for 2022

Recent Work

Peer-reviewed journals
  1. Srivastava, B. (2020). Confronting India’s energy crisis with solar power, Pennsylvania Economic Review 27(2), pp 14-24
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Book chapters
  1. Srivastava B. (2022). The Macroeconomic Impacts of the COVID-19 on the Renewable energy, IGI Global publication (under preparation)
  2. Srivastava B. (2022). Circle Economy and Sustainable Supply Chains, IGI Global publication
  3. Srivastava, B. (2021). Green supply chain management post-Covid-10 pandemic, IGI Global publication