Life After Ursinus podcast with Katie Morello
Life After Ursinus podcast with Katie Morello

Episode 14: Fervor for Filmmaking & Football

In Episode 14 of the Life After Ursinus podcast, host Johnny Myers ’19 sits down with Katie Morello ’08, a feature producer at NFL Films. One of Katie’s largest projects was her work on the HBO series, Hard Knocks. Hard Knocks is a reality sports documentary series that follows an NFL team through their personal and professional lives. In this episode of the podcast, Katie shares her passion for football and filmmaking and reflects on her journey from UC to Emmy Award-winning producer.

About this Episode

  • Katie talks about her 9-season run working as a feature producer on the TV show Hard Knocks on HBO.
  • Katie shares about the most emotionally challenging times during her career as a filmmaker.
  • Katie dives into how her career path in filmmaking was informed by her upbringing and schooling, and how her relationship to filmmaking changed along the way.
  • Katie reveals some of the key storytelling elements she uses every day to make compelling stories.
  • Katie discusses what it really takes to be a good filmmaker.
  • Katie explores her career and the transformative effect that it’s had on her.

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