English and Creative Writing

Emily Benning
Emily Benning

Emily Benning


English & Education




Peer Advocates–Prevention Specialist
TLI Student Consultant
UC Student Government–Class of 2024 Secretary
First-Year Student Advisor


I love my English major because it is so much more than reading and writing. It has made me more communicative and confident in my sharing my ideas with peers, faculty mentors, and anyone willing to listen to me theorize. I chose this major not just because I wanted to teach literature but because I wanted to harness the ability to guide others to attain the same confidence in themselves as it has enabled me.

Life After Ursinus

I plan on teaching high-school-level English in hopes of encouraging students to pursue philosophical inquiry in all that they may read, hear, or experience no matter where their career may take them. I hope to eventually pursue a Master’s program and seek out ways in which I may later guide students and faculty in higher education as well whether it be through counseling or curriculum design.