Media and Communication Studies

  • Polaroid picture of Jordan Dunnigan

Jordan Dunnigan

Bethlehem, PA
Summer 2013, unpaid


Class Year



Media and Communication Studies Major

Internship Location



Jordan Dunnigan is a Junior Communications major who interned at WFMZ TV News in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. For sixteen hours a week, he would write scripts for the ten o’clock news and write stories published on WFMZ TV’s website. During the news broadcast, Dunnigan was also able to sit in the control room. “It’s very cool to see and hear what you’ve written being used. I was able to have an active role in what news my community received, which is important even in a small town.” Jordan and other interns began their day at the general meeting which occurs before every news broadcast. At this meeting, he and other members of the WFMZ team reviewed top stories and decided where they would fit in the broadcast. His favorite part of the internship was being able to gain experience as a producer, interviewing police officers and firefighters about certain news stories over the phone and on-scene with other reporters.

Skills Utilized

During this internship, Jordan was able to develop his writing skills as a script and news story writer. His communication skills also developed through working with others and interviewing members of his community.

Who I Met that Made a Difference

At the end of this internship, Jordan was not only able to meet and work in an environment directly related to his major, “I am also excited about being able to use my scripts and stories published on the website in the future when I am looking for a job.” Jordan is also able to ask members of WFMZ TV for recommendations in the future.

Future Implications

Jordan believes that this internship solidified his desire to work in broadcasting and the Communications field. His growth throughout his internship not only relates to the field of Communications and broadcasting, but will also carry into his classes at Ursinus, specifically with time management, writing, and working with others.


“Get involved with classes and activities on campus that you can put on a resume and utilize in your internship,” stated Dunnigan. “My coworkers were impressed with some of classes I took, such as script writing, because they were applicable to what I would be doing as an intern and can be a major component of a future career in broadcasting. The news world is very fast-paced and always changing, which is really exciting and teaches you to stay on your toes because anything can happen.”