Career and Post-Graduate Development

Marion McKinney


Interim Associate Vice President of Student Affairs / Director of Student Engagement


Ursinus College


Marion McKinney describes herself as a lifelong learner, viewing each event as a learning opportunity. She is a two-time alumna of West Chester University. She earned her B.S. in Criminal Justice, minoring in Speech Communications and German, and her M.S. in Higher Education Counseling. Before arriving at Ursinus College, Marion worked at UMASS- Amherst, Old Dominion University, The University of New Hampshire, and West Chester University.

Marion has worked in Higher Education for 29 years, 23 of those years at West Chester University, where she served as the Senior Director of Residence Life and Housing Services. Her responsibilities included serving 5150 students who lived in apartments or residential facilities. Marion joined Ursinus College on July 1, 2022, as the Director of Student Engagement and was appointed Interim Associate Vice President of Student Affairs.

In addition to her institutional knowledge and outcomes-driven approach, her less measurable soft skills are a hallmark of her work with individuals and groups. With students, staff, and faculty alike, her interactions are fundamentally grounded in the belief that elevating the strengths and attributes of others is exponentially motivating and inspiring. Marion’s communication, verbal and non-verbal is the lynchpin to her success in so many areas. Her leadership style is complemented by her ability to actively listen to individuals and groups to assist in clarifying their intended outcomes and then helping them to articulate a vision for those outcomes. Her background in counseling established a solid foundation upon which she has built the strong leadership competencies and human development skills that guide her work.

Marion grew up as a proud Army Brat overseas and genuinely appreciates establishing roots in Collegeville, PA. She has lived in Collegeville for 24 years and wouldn’t have it any other way. Collegeville is HOME. As councilwoman, Marion serves on four committees: Finance, Streets, Roads and Lighting, Public Works, and Collegeville Trappe Municipal Authority. She welcomes all volunteers that would be interested in participating.

She and her husband, Todd, are raising two phenomenal future change agents and embrace each day with enthusiasm and gratitude. The families fur baby Winston makes coming home an absolute delight.