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Amanda Frekot

I interned with a local newspaper, The Guilford Gazette in Columbia, Md. I wrote many articles and witnessed the entrepreneurship behind running a small newspaper that was just being developed.

What Was Valuable About the Experience

I had the opportunity to see how a newspaper is run and how it can be started from the beginning. I also got to know my community through interviews. I was able to learn what was valuable to my community and wrote articles they wanted to read.

The Coolest Part of the Experience

I wrote about a potential re-zoning project, and many people who read my article decided that the project would not benefit the community. They voiced their opinion and the project came to a halt; an act that a county representative credited to my article. It was really cool that something I wrote affected my community.

Who I Met that Made a Difference

My supervisor, the entrepreneur behind the development of The Guilford Gazette, taught me so much during this internship. He was open about the positives and negatives he experienced as he tried to launch a brand new community news source, and he gave excellent feedback about being a journalist within a small community. He helped me stay focused and encouraged me to get to know my community — valuable advice that I will carry with me whether my future career is or isn’t in journalism.


Amanda Frekot proved that writing for a small local newspaper can sometimes make a big difference. 


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