Career and Post-Graduate Development

Kip Ransome
Kip Ransome

Kipp Ransome

Externship Location: Souderton Area High School, Souderton, PA


Media and Communications Studies

My Experience

During his externship, Kipp helped with inventory purchasing, cleaning team rooms, and heard about the different clubs at Souderton Area High School. He noted that the school has an inclusivity club and their goal is to include more diversity at the school and make minority students feel more included. Kipp’s favorite part of his externship experience was talking with his extern sponsor, Dennis, and seeing how he got into his position. His journey from playing basketball, then playing in Europe, and ending up at Souderton Area High School was an interesting story and seemed like a realistic path to Kipp.

Academic Connection

Kipp’s experience made him consider taking more management courses. He didn’t realize that athletic directors do so much. He learned that they go to games, manage budgets, and meet with people. Kipp is thinking about taking a management class during his senior year.


Kipp was surprised at how much goes into each high school sports game and how much it costs to send athletes to tournaments and away games. He noted that the school had lots of games on Tuesday, including basketball, bocce, and swimming. The school paid for janitors, security, and referees at all those events. Kipp’s greatest reward was meeting Dennis. Kipp’s older brother went to Gettysburg College and knew Dennis because they were in the same study abroad program. Kipp noted that this was a really cool moment and shows just how small the world is.

Kipp tells those who are considering doing an externship to limit your nerves because it isn’t scary. This was Kipp’s first time back in a high school since COVID-19 and he was very nervous, but his extern sponsor was there for him and everyone else at the school was very helpful.

Written by Alexa Alessandrini ’24