Career and Post-Graduate Development

Terry Adams
Terry Adams

Terry Adams

Internship Location: Monsignor Farrell High School, Staten Island, NY


Health and Exercise Physiology

My Story

“One of my goals as an athletic trainer is to provide athletes from my high school with an understanding of how important health science and athletic training is. So I offered to volunteer in my free time when visiting home to share this knowledge to my former coaches and new athletes who never get this opportunity.”

Terry’s noted that his experience consists of young adults to kids participating in wrestling. He also is involved with running practice, tapping or attain to injuries, and providing cool-downs and stretches to reduce injury.

Academic Connection

When asked how his academic experience at Ursinus impacts his internship, Terry said, “It has taught me a lot about the problems I faced as a young athlete with no knowledge of the body. With the academics here, I learned how to properly cut weight while having energy and nutrients to do other activities. It helped me learn about injuries and how to recover or prevent them. With this, I provide the same tools to my younger athletes, and it has improved their performance over time.” This experience impacted Terry’s future by wanting to persuade young athletes to invest in this career to give back to their sport and give proper care to others.


Before his internship, Terry did not know what he wanted to do after he graduates, but this has since changed. He notes that the most challenging part of his experience was convincing athletes to stay focused and patient. Despite this challenge, Terry says that the coolest part of his internship was the overall experience and the bonds he made with the athletes.

Fun Fact

Terry’s favorite ice cream flavor is cookies & cream.

Written by Alexa Alessandrini ’24