Career and Post-Graduate Development

Nathan Berger
Nathan Berger

Nathan Berger

Internship Location: Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy, Collegeville, PA


Environmental Studies


Science and the Common Good

My Story

I learned of Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy (PWC) last academic year in Plant Biology, where one of my current bosses (and former UC alum) visited to give a presentation on native perennial species. I chose to fulfill my internship requirement with PWC because of my passion for learning about native plants and horticulture. I help paid staff and volunteers with maintenance of outdoor projects and with events organized and funded by nonprofit grants.

Academic Connection

The Plant Biology course helped me realize my curiosity and aptitude for ecology and other relevant sciences pertaining to our native ecosystems. This course is the product of my choice of internship and became the driving force behind the Ursinus College Rain Garden Project, which will be completed in April 2023.


I love working at PWC because of the energy and comradery that is infused into every day at work. Teamwork is an essential component of dynamic and efficient enterprises, no matter how big or small. My time spent at PWC has helped me learn through sharing lived experiences and hands-on activities with colleagues.


Before my internship began, I had applied to several M.D. programs in the United States. I will be attending medical school in the coming months. This internship has broadened my perspective on stewardship; I hope to spend much of my free time as a medical student outdoors where I see myself meditating on the decisions I can make and the practices I can uphold to contribute to healing myself and others - human or nonhuman. I am extraordinarily grateful for the living spaces and people I share time with at Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy.

Written by Alexa Alessandrini ’24