Career and Post-Graduate Development

Julia Paiano
Julia Paiano

Julia Paiano

Internship Location: CSL, King of Prussia, PA


Media & Communications Studies


Studio Art

My Story

Social Media Intern
Julia found her internship through a tweet posted by Campus Philly. A typical day at her internship would start with catching up on emails and messages, and getting started on any projects she was working on. This would typically require her to go through CSL’s brand site, work in excel, or work with her coworkers to plan events and discuss current projects.

Academic Connection

Julia was able to use the research skills acquired from her classes to complete audits. She also was able to use her presentation and public speaking skills, which were also acquired from her Ursinus courses, to help her give presentations and leading meetings. Julia’s internship has sparked an interest in the function of human resources and the biotechnology industry. Speaking to the faculty and other students on campus to learn what their knowledge of both of these topics are had been very helpful to her.


To Julia, her internship has helped her solidify her teamwork abilities. She worked on a global team that required her to be the project lead for assignments in Australia, and work with people all over the world on various things. Julia’s team has improved her collaborative skills and her confidence as they have continuously uplifted and trusted her with important tasks.


Julia is unsure of what she wants to do after graduation, but her internship exposed her to an industry that she would not have ever considered working in. She notes that it has taught her to broaden her horizon. Her internship also made her realize that every organization needs creative people to be successful. When you think of the biotech industry your first thought is probably not the word “creative,” however, Julia’s role required her to be creative, which is something she previously thought was only needed for certain industries.

Julia notes that the most challenging part of her experience was trying to keep up with the human resources and biotechnology lingo that were all new to her. Despite this challenge, the coolest part of her internship was working in a global team. Julia notes that it was amazing to work alongside people in Germany and Australia, and learn about their cultures.

Fun Fact

Julia is taller than both of her parents!

Written by Alexa Alessandrini ’24