Mackenzie Owens
Mackenzie Owens

Mackenzie Owens

What led to your decision to transfer? What does Ursinus offer that your previous college did not?

I previously attended Montgomery County Community College, which is a two year college, so I was transferring to my four year institution. I signed a transfer agreement with Ursinus while at MC3, so I looked to the 3 schools I signed agreements with. I ultimately decided Ursinus after speaking to my academic advisor who was so helpful and insightful into the credit transfer process. I was able to email her and Zoom (it was Spring 2020) her to get all my information straight and set up my path at Ursinus.

How do you find that Ursinus College supports students of high academic achievement?

Professors at Ursinus are amazing. They are super supportive and encouraging. They push you and reinforce the idea that the sky is the limit. This year, Ursinus helped fund my travel to Pi Sigma Alpha Conference in D.C. to present my honors thesis. The Whitman Fund is supporting my trip to the Hoover Institute this summer, too. I have found support where it was needed.

Outside of the classroom, what are some activities that you pursued at Ursinus?

I was a Melrose Fellow and Economic Ambassador during my time at Ursinus. With the Melrose Fellows, I traveled to Puerto Rico for a service and learning trip. With the Economic Ambassadors, I have been able to put together events to gauge the campus’s economic interests. I have been a Summer Fellow conducting research on US-China rapprochement in the 1970’s. Outside of school, I have worked throughout the past years at my local Giant food stores.

What were the challenges of adapting to a new college environment, and how have you met them?

I think the biggest challenge was transferring during Covid-19 to an online environment. However, the transfer was still great because professors knew how to handle online classes, and I still managed to learn from them.

What has surprised you most about your experience as a student at Ursinus?

The amazing and caring professors who get to know every student. The opportunities to conduct my own research (Summer Fellows, Honors, in classes). These have made a great impact on the positive experience I had as an Ursinus student.

Why would you encourage another student to transfer to Ursinus?

Ursinus is a learning environment that cultivates a curiosity to continue learning and exploring. I am very glad I have transferred and graduated from Ursinus. The small school community is an amazing place to grow and receive an education.

What are your post-Ursinus plans?

I am attending graduate school at University College Dublin to study Applied Economics, specializing in trade and development.

Mackenzie Owens graduated as a valedictorian in Ursinus College’s class of 2023.