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Photo of Ashton Newswanger
Photo of Ashton Newswanger

Ashton Newswanger

Parlee Fellow




I am deeply passionate about a myriad of topics central to Science and the Common Good. Cultural competency, informed consent, bodily autonomy, and lowering the socioeconomic barriers to accessing healthcare are among the many topics I am invested in. At the core of these topics is my most pivotal belief; that an injury to one of us is an injury to all of us. Thus, to me, Science without the Common Good is irrelevant. By learning how to properly care for one another, we can begin to work towards a more united future, a future where everyone can flourish.


I have begun working with Dr. E Dawley who studies spinal cord regeneration in animals that can shed their tails and regenerate a specific tissue (chemosensory epithelium) which gives them their ability to perceive specific chemical stimuli. We specifically work with axolotls, but Dr. E Dawley has done previous work with red-backed salamanders that I find very fascinating!