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Photo of Matilda Dumaine
Photo of Matilda Dumaine

Matilda Dumaine

Parlee Fellow




Science and the Common Good are important to me because it helps unite my goals in science and my desire to make a positive impact on issues affecting medicine and healthcare. I’m passionate about finding solutions to make quality healthcare affordable and accessible to all regardless of socioeconomic status and other determining factors. There is a vast disconnect between the incredible advancements in medicine and technology and the simple access of the general community to basic healthcare. This program helps us students understand our roles in these critical issues that bridge science and society. It allows us to understand our best means of action as we embark on our careers.

My Experience

I organized and hosted a presentation with a retired ER physician and universal healthcare advocate on issues affecting the American healthcare system! This presentation included information on socioeconomic, racial, and other determining factors, focusing on how access to affordable, quality medicine changes based on these personal demographics. The physician described how universal healthcare has helped solve some of these systemic issues in other comparable nations and the steps that are needed to create effective solutions!