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Sophie Louis '24
Sophie Louis ’24

Sophie Louis

Parlee Fellow






I’m very passionate about making a positive difference in the world, specifically regarding healthcare. Understanding the social determinants and various factors at play is vital in truly making a difference through treating patients as well as combatting health disparities. Thus, Science and the Common Good are important to me in understanding our multi-dimensional world and in making a positive difference in the healthcare sphere.


I’ve conducted research with the ROSE (Reinka Outcomes of Stigma Experience) Lab since sophomore year and am currently working on my Honors Research Thesis related to stigma, invisible disabilities, and treatment/accommodation seeking.

My Experience

For my Parlee XLP, I was a SAFE (Stopping the Addiction Fatality Epidemic) fellow for the 2022-2023 year where I implemented an impact project on campus. I also founded UC Possibilities, an advocacy club for invisible disabilities, and have planned multiple campus events with this club.