Business and Economics

  • Scott King

Scott King

Dr. King studied economics at New York University before earning his PhD in Economics at George Mason University in 2022. After graduating, he spent two years at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga as a post-doctoral research associate. His research interests include economic development, political economy, public choice economics and philosophy, politics, and economics. His work has appeared in scholarly journals such as Public Choice, and along with Peter J. Boettke he currently has a book under contract with Oxford University Press exploring the thought of Friedrich A. Hayek.

Dr. King is especially passionate about economic education and is excited to join a faculty where teaching is so highly valued. He looks forward to introducing students to the economic way of thinking and helping them use the tools of economics to pursue their own curiosities and understand the world around them.


Business and Economics


B.A., New York University

M.A., George Mason University

Ph.D., George Mason University