Center for Writing and Speaking

Elwood Harney

What I Love About Writing

I love writing because it gives me a chance to express myself in a way I may not always be able to communicate verbally. How else are people going to be able to hear the wacky stuff that my brain comes up with?


Environmental Studies, Biology


As part of CERCLE, which stands for Community Engaged Research for Circular Local Economies, I do research under Dr. Berry on local secondhand and reuse economies with a particular interest in clothing and textiles as well as motivations, intentions, and interest in thrift and reuse.

How I Stay Involved

Outside of the writing center, I am involved in the Sustainability Fellows program as an Agroecology Fellow, I am on the Food Forest Leadership Team, and am part of both the Abele Scholars and SIE Scholars programs.

Fun Fact

I have an extensive collection of garden gnomes!