Christina Mowad '24
Christina Mowad ’24

Christina Mowad


Politics with a minor in Legal Studies and Media & Communication Studies


Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow and Tau Sigma Gamma Sorority

What do you love most about Ursinus?

I love that at Ursinus there is a place for everyone! No matter what academic dreams or goals you have, there are opportunities and resources to make it happen. . Faculty and staff truly care about their students.

What opportunities have you had to explore and grow your passions at Ursinus?

I wanted to learn more directly about the Legal system and was given many opportunities to do so through my legal studies minor. I got to sit in on court hearings and take classes taught by lawyers!

When did you first discover Ursinus was the right fit for you?

When first visiting the school I felt that Ursinus would be the right fit for me.

What has been your favorite experience at Ursinus so far?

My favorite experience has been seeing the changes at Ursinus over the years that I have been here. So many things have changed since my Freshman year, and all of them helped evolve the college towards the future. Seeing the change happen in real-time has been amazing.

Advice for incoming students:

Remember to learn how to time manage, it’s the key to having a well-balanced and healthy life in college!