• John Doherty ’24

John Doherty


Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with a minor in Science and the Common Good


Gold Ambassador, chemistry tutor, neuroscience and biology research, Parlee Fellow

What do you love most about Ursinus?

I love the close knit community. I like that I know all of my professors, and they know my name. They also care about me as a student. It makes it much easier for me to succeed academically.

What opportunities have you had to explore and grow your passions at Ursinus?

I was able to get involved in both research and the Parlee center when I was a sophomore. It allowed me to pursue my passions for science and the ethics that go right along with any of the scientific advancements we make.

When did you first discover Ursinus was the right fit for you?

I attended an open house as a senior when I was deciding which school to apply to early. I fell in love with the campus and the message that all the administrators were committed to. It also checked a lot of my boxes for a school because it was closer to my home and a small school.

What has been your favorite experience at Ursinus so far?

Getting involved in research in two labs has been very rewarding. I was able to join a lab as a sophomore doing advanced work for an undergrad. I was also able to join another lab as a junior, which allowed me to do Summer Fellows in summer 2023. It was a great experience to further my research and presentation skills.

Advice for incoming students:

Get involved and go to office hours. It will make your life as a student so much easier if you ask questions and get to know your professors.